Development FAQΒΆ

How are new dependencies treated by the Odoo migration manager?
New dependencies (like the edi module is a new dependency of the account module) will be detected by the upgrade process. The Odoo server code is slightly modified to loop over this part of the process to install new dependencies and then return to upgrading the modules that depend on them, until no more modules are processed.
Are migration scripts fired when installing new modules?
Yes. That includes any new dependencies that the new version of any module might declare. You might want to check for a non true value of the version argument, or (better) make your script robust to running against a database that it does not apply to, in anticipation of any unknown unknowns. Also another argument for not running the OpenUpgrade server in production, even though we both know that you would never ever do so anyway. Developers are free to corrupt the regular workings of Odoo if it helps the migration. For instance, from Openupgrade 9.0 on, the workflow engine is disabled during field recomputation.