Community involvementΒΆ

Writing migration scripts for Odoo is a lot of work, that can not be accomplished by a single party. We need your help.

If you are at all interested in discussing stategic, functional or technical issues, please sign up to the drivers team:

If you are a developer, give the OpenUpgrade software a go and give us feedback. If you use the software, provide the project with your issue reports and any migration scripts that you develop. Help to improve the developer tools and any existing or newly proposed migration script contributed by others.

If you are an Odoo consulting company, use the tools to help your customers migrate to a newer major release of Odoo and contribute the scripts that you developed in the process.

If you are are using Odoo professionally within your organisation, consider hiring a Odoo consulting company to migrate your configuration using the technology provided by this project, and insist that the resulting migration scripts be contributed back.

If you are an independent, knowledgable user of Odoo and the OpenUpgrade project covers the modules that you have in use, try and use the software to upgrade a copy of your database and give us feedback.

Thank you!