How to run your own analysis

If you do need to run your own analysis, you need to perform the following steps (the awkward processing of the server log file is now obsolete).

  • Set up two OpenUpgrade servers of subsequent Odoo releases
  • On both instances, install a database without demo data and install the openupgrade_records module, which is included in the OpenUpgrade server distribution. This will add a menu OpenUpgrade Development to the Administration menu.
  • On both instances, install the modules that you need to write migration scripts for, or alternatively select Install All Modules from the Development menu.
  • On both instances: from the development menu, select the Generate Records option.
  • On the target instance (this is the more recent version): from the Development menu, select the Comparison Config option and create a new config to connect to the other instance. In the config’s form, click on Perform Analysis.

Note that in many of the operations above you may get a client timeout or a concurrent access error even if the operation completes successfully. You should be able to assertain a succesful operation by verifying that all modules involved are in an installed state and the analysis files in the module directories have an appropriate modification time.